Carl Ellis MA(RCA) SWLA fish art 

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Carl demonstrating his watercolour methods during a recent SWLA exhibition at the Mall.

Over twenty years ago I was introduced to a film based material which I found so intriguing that I have been using it to paint upon as an overlay to my drawings ever since.

Only using a certain variety of lightfast and permanent watercolours on the film which will not yellow with age, I have also found other advantages over the years which are briefly described in the works below.

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Perch   Colours can be applied with the confidence of knowing that the underlying drawing on paper will never be lost.

If I am not happy with the result the paint can be simply removed and the surface cleaned ready to start again. Once the painting is complete the drawing and film are permanently fixed.



Feeding grass carp.  Here a piece is brought together without losing the resolve of the original drawing. Quite often I will slightly offset the painting to add to the visual effect.


Grayling   All the colours and some details are added while the wash is still wet. When the paint is  dry an electric eraser can be used to create highlights


Trout (detail)   Painting on the reverse of the film is especially useful for giving the illusion of watery depth

Underwater Studies  

Bitterling carp (Sammies pool)

Gudgeon 1 (river Sow)

Gudgeon 2 (river Sow)

Minnows (river Dove)

Pike (river Sow)

Roach (river Sow)
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