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I generally use wax oil pastels to draw with as they are less likely to smudge especially while working out in the field. Again I use a special paper which allows me to remove unwanted marks with a scalpel without tearing its surface. Perhaps after many dozens of drawings there will always be one or two that just feel right...everything else will be discarded.  

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Grayling  (river Wye)

Grayling 1 (river Wye)


Pike 1 (river Sow)

Pike 2 (river Sow)

Pike 3

Bitterling sketches

Grayling 1

Grayling 3

grayling drawing

Gudgeon drawing 1

Perch drawings

perch drawings 2

Perch 3

 brown trout

 trout from above


Brown trout

Rainbow trout

Surface feeding carp


Perch sketches

Fast swimming trout



Leaping salmon sketches
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